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Custom Tool Mounting

NJEV is the natural choice for custom tool mounting. As a part of the Rescue 1 family, the NJEV technicians have trained with the best in the industry.

A rescue truck is basically a large tool box on wheels that can transport the equipment needed for a variety of emergencies.

We can help you plan out where the best place is for each tool according to your departments needs, then fabricate the mounts so the equipment stays secure.


Reasons why a customer should utilize NJEV for their tool mounting

  • NJEV manufactures custom tool mounts to properly secure all equipment on trays, shelving, and tool boards.
  • Our team of technicians have years of experience and are trained to utilize all available storage space.
  • Pockets and dividers are manufactured to store ladders, stokes baskets, and other large items.
  • When the tools are mounted, inventory checks for your equipment before departing a scene is much easier.

A specialized team of skilled technicians is dedicated to Tool Mounting




  • NJEV delivers lasting value
  • NJEV understands your needs
  • NJEV Exceeds your expectations

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